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Thank you for your interest in Healway Science Ltd., products and this website! This website is operated by Healway Science Limited, a Canadian premium nutrient and care products company. Our headquarters are located in Vancouver.

Healway cherishes your business and your trust, and respects the confidentiality and privacy of your personal information. The purpose of this website’s privacy policy is to explain to you how we handle the personal data you provide to us or the data we may collect when you browse this website, and to explain how to transfer your personal data to a third party, and how to protect your personal data and privacy and explain your rights.

Online Shopping


Whenever you shop at Healway BalanceN Mall, your payment information will be encrypted and protected. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to keep the credit card information from being stored after processing. The data is also encrypted when it is sent (translated into a special code that can only be read by the recipient, and other people cannot read it), and then destroyed. SSL also confirms the server`s mark and tells us that the information has been delivered securely. This is currently the safest system and the most effective way to prevent fraud and hackers. In addition, Healway has also implemented standard operating procedures to ensure that only permitted people can access our servers based on the principle of necessary knowledge.

Shopper`s profile

When you shop at Healway BalanceN Mall, the information we collect from you is the most basic information needed to process the order to ensure that the order is safely delivered to the destination. Unless compelled by a legal government or law enforcement order or decree, we will never provide, share or sell the above information to any third party.

Direct sales and marketing information

Healway often sends out direct sales and marketing information to shoppers. Generally speaking, this is about the discount offered by Healway BalanceN Mall. Since Healway does not intend to send unnecessary emails, these messages will only be sent to those who have requested information. Unless you have requested the above information, Healway will not rent or sell this list to any third party. If you have requested Healway to send the above message, you agree that we and the third party can share, sell or rent your name and email address to the third party. When you shop for the first time, you have the opportunity to decide whether you want to receive Healway`s direct sales and marketing information. If you do not explicitly request these messages, we will not send them to you. If you choose to receive these direct sales and marketing information from Healway, but change your original intention later and want to stop receiving the information, you can easily follow the instructions listed at the bottom of any direct sales and marketing information; your name will be removed from the shopper`s mailing list.

Special case

Although we share your personal information with any third party out of good faith and unintentional, in case government laws or law enforcement authorities require the above information, we must provide them in accordance with the law and cooperate with the authorities. We also reserve the right to use personally identifiable information to implement our terms, policies or procedures under special circumstances.

Personal Information Collection and Use Statement

This statement is made by Healway Science Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Healway") in accordance with the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Ordinance") for the purpose of clarifying the purpose, purpose and processing of Healway`s collection of personal data from you And access to, correct and update personal data records.

  1. Definition of personal data

    Personal information directly or indirectly identifies a specific person, including name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, customer number, order number, order information, photos, etc.

  2. Collection of personal information

    Healway collects visitor information about this website directly (such as when you provide it to us) and indirectly (such as browsing, analyzing and using website cookies-see below) to help us ensure that our website is pleasant for visitors Network experience. We may collect your personal data in the following situations:

    1. Create a customer account on our website, app or store;
    2. Place an order on the website;
    3. Shopping in specialty stores;
    4. Join our VIP plan;
    5. Use our online services, such as chat services;
    6. Agree to receive our direct marketing and marketing information via email, phone, SMS or post according to your choice;
    7. Interact with us through the official pages on social networks, or when we recommend reusing the content you posted on social networks;
    8. Contact our customer service;
    9. Send us a request to obtain information;
    10. Participate in activities organized by us;
    11. Use cookies or similar technologies to browse the Internet, or click on advertisements about our products.
  3. Purpose of collection of personal data
    1. You may need to provide Healway with relevant personal information when you apply to become a Healway shopper/VIP, maintain an account with Healway, enjoy discounts and related products provided by Healway, or participate in the "VIP Reward Program
    2. You can choose whether to provide Healway with relevant personal data or not. However, if you choose not to provide personal data or provide incomplete personal data, it may result in us being unable to process your application or unable to provide you with due discounts and Services and may affect your rights as a shopper/VIP.
    3. Once you provide us with personal data, you are deemed to have agreed to this statement and authorized Healway to use the collected personal data for the following purposes and processing within the scope permitted by law.
  4. Purpose of Personal Data

    Your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

    1. Promote and sell products;
    2. Enjoy exclusive privileges for shoppers/VIP;
    3. Participate in the "VIP Reward Program";
    4. Uses which related to (1) to (3) above;
    5. Ensuring the security of online transactions, preventing fraud and processing payments; and
    6. Used for any purpose that is necessary to be lawful and in compliance with supervision or regulations.
  5. Handling of personal data
    1. Principle

      We use your personal information mainly to provide you with better services and products and to allow you to participate in the "VIP Reward Program".
      We may provide such information to the following parties for the purpose of the second item above, including any provision of administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment, freight, sales center management or other services related to Healway`s business operations to Healway The third-party suppliers; but we will only provide these suppliers with the information required within the scope of their services, and these suppliers are responsible for keeping such information confidential and restricting it to designated purposes.
      Unless we have obtained your consent, or notified you in advance, or proceeded as required by law, we will not disclose your personal information to any external organization; but when asked to provide your personal information to government departments or judicial institutions, we It will only be provided under appropriate authority.
      All Healway employees who are permitted to use your personal information must keep such information confidential in accordance with the privacy policy.

    2. Period

      We will take all practical measures to ensure that your personal data will not be retained for longer than necessary. If there are otherwise express provisions in the law, the provisions shall be followed.

    3. Region

      The location of Healway`s head office and its subsidiaries (including Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Macau Special Administrative Region), as well as the location of personal data hosts and related web servers. All overseas transfers of data are subject to appropriate safeguards, especially contractual, technical and organizational safeguards, which comply with the appropriate laws and regulations related to the protection of personal data.

    4. Method

      Healway is used as a system for collecting, holding, processing or using personal data-including automated and non-automated methods, and includes any documents and equipment that form part of the system.

  6. Access, correction and update of personal data

    During the validity period of your shopper/VIP qualification, you have the right to request access to the personal data stored by Healway, as well as to correct and update such data. You must make a written request and submit it to our customer service department.

This statement may be changed according to the actual needs of Healway`s operations, but it will be carried out in accordance with the law. You can check it from time to time to protect your rights.

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Healway hopes that this information will help you and give you peace of mind to trade with Healway. If you have any questions, you can contact our data protection officer at


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